While many of you may already know that I am a proud mother of two adorable babies, Hajai and Bella, few would know how much they have changed my life.


“STAND BY ME” by Ben E. King

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While many of you may already know that I am a proud mother of two adorable babies, Hajai and Bella, few would know how much they have changed my life.

I went through a quite tough time before I had Bella- very unhealthy lifestyle including lots of drinking and smoking; always hanging out with friends but constantly feeling lonely. It’s probably not too unusual for someone just left home and started a brand new life in Hong Kong.

The joining of Bella was a complete life changer. She was only 4 months when I brought her home, peeing and pooping all the time and everywhere. I also had to spent a lot more time at home than before to keep her calm (she would scream all day if I wasn’t there).

Gradually I learnt how to take care of her, and myself as well. I gave up smoking; I walked myself and her regularly, and hit the sack earlier. It was literally the best and hardest time ever since I settled down in Hong Kong.

Then it comes the real life change: I met with my husband while walking Bella in the dog park. Bella made her only friend in the neighborhood, which is my husband’s dog Hajai. They apparently “fell in love” before we did, and inevitably we started knowing each other. Well, well, the rest is history.

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This is when Bella had her finger cut off at the escalator. I felt it was like the end of the world and cried all night, but this little girl was so strong and never even groan while waiting for the surgery.

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The babies are the source of our true happiness. They never bite anyone and are the literally the most calm dogs we have ever seen.

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